Here’s a size-specific temperature guide, for when it is too hot to walk your dog:

℃              SmallMediumLargeDegree of risk
30 - 34+5555 = Danger! Avoid any prolonged outdoor time. Pup’s life is in danger.
28 - 30445!
25 - 273344 = Be careful now - this heat is dangerous. Check pavement temp.
22 - 243343 = Potential risk to health, play it safe.
20 - 222232 = Phew, hot! Enjoy outdoor time. Plenty of water needed.
16 - 191121 = lower risk at this end of the thermostat. Enjoy the weather

As things get hotter, it may be more comfortable for your pup to be at home more than you might like. That doesn’t mean they have to be overheating or bored! Here are some of our top tips to stay entertained and cool during your summer.

Picture of shade

First things first guys

Never leave your dog in the car. It doesn’t matter how long you think you might be. Even when it’s ‘not that hot’, the temperature inside a car soars within minutes when it is warm. Your dog is better off at home, or head to places where your pup is welcome and there’s great air con.

Cold marble

If you do leave the pup at home on their own, here’s some tips on keeping it cool. Consider closing some curtains or blinds and creating as much shade spots as possible, and if you can't leave some kind of air-con on, think about investing in a cooling mat and or some extra fans.

Ever noticed your dog enjoys chilling on concrete or wooden flooring when it’s warm? Most dog beds are too warm in hot weather, bathrooms, tiles and cooling mats are perfect in creating a dogs own personal cool zone.

When it’s too hot to walk your dog, don’t

(See above) When the weather hits 19 degrees, the risk of heatstroke for your dog becomes real. Especially true for bigger breeds, overweight dogs and flat-faces like Pugs or Frenchies. If either of you needs exercise, try to get it in the early hours or at dusk. Preferably when the sun is at its lowest.

Pro tip:

Before you set off, check the temperature of the tarmac you’ll be walking on. If it’s too hot for you to hold your hand on, it’s too hot for their paws too. Don’t walk them on it.

Pug at night

Cool treats

Just like you, your dog likes an ice-cold drink during the summer. No matter how much they might insist though, they can't share your Frappe. Use your common sense on this number, put some water-only ice cubes in their drinking bowl or even frozen fruits: will help keep them cool, as well as calm and quiet throughout the heat.


Pool toy

So your friend has a pool…

We’d love an invite, just to see your dog pretending to sip cocktails. That said, we’re not invited. So here’s the advice bit.

Be as careful with pooch around the pool as you would be about yourself. From chlorine (natural blonde or otherwise) to hydration. The same goes for sunscreen for hairless breeds. All breeds regardless of age should be given a shady spot to dry off too.