Pet insurance sucks - so we changed it
Award winning pet insurance fuelled by our love for pets, tech, and doing things differently.


Lifetime pet insurance, simplified.

Pet ownership can seem scary, but the insurance side of it shouldn’t be. This is why we designed Waggel with only one, lifetime policy and our digital platform makes signing up and claiming so easy your pet could do it.

Get your quote in less than 30 seconds.
Up to £10,000 Annual Coverage for reoccurring medical conditions, with dental included.
Adjustable rates to suit your budget.
Your personal dashboard to track claims and understand your insurance.


Most insurers make the claims process a mystery so complicated it would stump Sherlock Holmes. We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors, so ours is totally transparent and trackable. Simply upload a claim in seconds, we’ll handle the rest.

Make a claim online in seconds.
Complete claim resolution transparency. Track payment progress in real time.
Simplified claims process pays you quicker.
Claims handled by your own personal claims handler.

Members' benefits.

Our small friends deserve big luxury, so we offer exclusive benefits on hand-picked products, services, and experiences to help you and your pet live your best life.

Free video calls with vets. 24 hours a day.

We know sometimes our pets can be a bit... weird. When that happens a vet visit can seem like a costly and unnecessary over reaction, whilst doing nothing can also feel like the wrong response. That's why Waggel members get free video consultations with vets.

Free consultations with a dog behaviour specialist.

Becoming fluent in woofs and borks takes time and practice and we know sometimes trying to understand our dogs can be a bit too much. That is why we provide our members with free consultations with a dog behaviour specialist, who has over 10 years experience.

Exclusive rewards as part of our monthly Zine

Each zine issue focuses on a subject we believe to be important and we include related rewards and discounts to help out at every stage of your journey with your pet.

Free insurance for life.

One month free for every friend you refer. No limits.

Introduce your friends to Waggel and we’ll give you both a month of free insurance. There’s no limit on referrals either - you can keep referring and keep saving.

Share your link with your friends and family.
They receive their free month with Waggel.
When they join, you will receive your free month.

Giving backto charity.

Pick from our selection of amazing charity partners when you become a Waggel member, and we’ll make a yearly donation on your behalf.

Meet the team.


Ross was a candidate on The Apprentice in 2017, before co-founding Waggel. He is the proud owner of his Golden Retriever and life-partner, Sailor.


Although known around the office as the Top Dog, he is, in fact, the “cat” guy and spends a great deal of time being bossed around by his 12-year-old British Shorthair, Duchess Belle.


A full-stack developer who loves building systems from top to bottom, Richard joined Waggel to help take their tech to the next level.

Meet our Waggelers of the week.

Members upload a pet profile picture when joining Waggel, each week our team selects the Waggeler that made them smile the most. Waggeler of the month is put to a vote on our Instagram, so make sure you’re following.

Hamish - Moggy
Voted #WOTW and he's not even bov'd. Hamish, we salute you!
Pixie - Chihuahua cross
*whispers* shh, Queen Pixie is catching up on her beauty sleep. Leave any treats you have and go away.
Alaska - Ragdoll
You can look but you can't touch. Try and tickle Alaska's tummy and you'll lose a finger - you've been warned.
Knox - Cavapoo
Convinced Knox KNOWS he is cute and is taking full advantage...

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