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Louis Crust | 18 hours ago
Claiming on Pet Insurance: How and When to Make a Claim
We've made sure the claims process at Waggel is as easy as possible. This article breaks down the ins and outs of how and when to make a claim.
Comparing best pet insurance: Why Waggel is different
Why is Waggel different from every other cat and dog insurance policy? Lifetime cover, dental as standard & a stress-free claims process is only the beginning.
Tips For a Scare-Free Halloween With Your Pets
We picked the brains of FirstVet to give you some tips and advice on keeping your cat/dog safe this Halloween
Cat and Dog Dental Care: What Is and Isn’t Covered in Pet Insurance
Healthy smiles are the best smiles. Have a read on how to keep you pet's teeth gleaming and find out what is and isn’t covered
The Story of Waggel’s Rebrand
We value (love) our community and see everyone as part of our pack, so we wanted to share our rebrand story with you.
Our Story
Pet Insurance Meets the Coffee World
New pet owners need all the energy they can get, which is why we teamed up with RWRD to give Waggel members free coffee
A Trip to the Beach - Advice and Tips for Dog Owners
We teamed up with some dog experts to bring you advice, tips and ideas for having the best day at the beach with your dog